Qatar Air Quality is a research project of Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar designed to obtain information about the air quality that exists near Education City in Doha, Qatar. The project has been developed with three main purposes. First is to obtain quality data about four common air pollutants. Obtaining quality data is essential for scientific research on the air quality in Qatar, as it enables one to see how the air quality is changing so that policy makers are able to make informed decisions about how to improve the air quality. A second purpose is to provide public information about air quality through this website. Just as information about weather is available to the public, we think it is important that people have some understanding about the air they breathe and what might be contained in that air. Third, this site is being designed so that it can play an educational role informing the public about air quality issues. Information about various pollutants, how they are formed, what might be their effect on one's health, are issues we will address.